Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Snowing!!!

It is snowing in good ole South Jersey this morning and it's actually sticking!!! And least on our balcony for now. We have had flurries for the last week or so, but this is bona fide snow!!! Check it out: Allie was getting ready to go outside.... Except I had just changed her diaper so she had no pants on... And those happen to be Jimmy's shoes... I thought this would give you a little giggle. :)
Moving on, these are the cards I did for two Color Challenges on Paper Craft Planet. The first you can find here: And here is me card:

I really like it!

Close up of the stamped sentiment, back white glittery white cardstock:

And here's the bows. White, Ivory, & White again:

Check out the olive mulberry paper against the ghost leaf:

Personally, I think it looks exquisite. :)
And now for the second Color Challenge found here: I started with the ribbon and then did the flower.

Check out the crystals in the center:

And then I made the tag:

I love the way the colors meld together. I had fun with this and Jimmy actually liked it too. ( I think he has a natural aversion to all things crafty, whatever...) :)
I have a bust weekend ahead of me and lots of cleaning to do today, so I don't know if I will be work on anymore cards... We'll see if I can sneak some private time... Who knows...

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