Monday, November 17, 2008

A gift for my best friend's daughter

OK, so this Saturday I went to this excellent warehouse sale up in NOrth Jersey where they had scrapbooking supplies for fifty cents... Oh yeah, it was awesome, well, except that things have been a little tight financially lately. But anyway armed with $30 I scavenged for those things I thought I'd use most... I found some wicked cool stuff, more on that later. One of the things I purchased were these Junkitz Decor Boardz. My best friend's little one has her 3rd birthday bash this coming this Saturday and I had yet to get a gift. So I got to work creating. And this is the final product: You like?

This was so much fun. First I cut out the letters for her name and antiqued them a bit with a light grey ink. Then I glued the letters onto a cornflower blue cardstock and painted the whole thing with glittery sealant. Then a cut around the letters leaving a blue border. I cut out the 3 freehand as well. I added some prima flowers and drew a few flourishes and VOILA!!
Front Cover:
Close up of Sydney's name (check out the glitter sealant):
The inside:
Left inside page:
Flower I cut out and the handwritten sentiment:
I had a lot of fun doing this flower. I cut out the oval and then each of the petals and antiqued them with a dark chocoloate brown ink. Then I rummaged through my assortment of alpha brads. Again, I added a prima flower. I really do heart those flowers.
Inside right page:
Handdrawn sentiment and stitching on the flower:
I totally loved the finished product and I hope she does too. I left the two largfe flowers empty for her to add a couple of photos from the party. I really felt a sense of accomplishment when I was done! Yea Me!

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  1. This is a great gift! Very nice. I am looking forward to seeing more of your creations! I wish I had been at what sounds like a super sale!