Thursday, April 9, 2009

I can't believe it has been a month... (Warning: This post is very image heavy...)

...or nearly a month since my last post! Gasp!
My apologies... The good news is that we are all happy and healthy and I have been a busy little bee...
Let's see what has happened since my last post...
Well Zachary turned 6 on March 23rd. We celebrated by taking all 3 kids to Dave & Buster's for lunch and then an afternoon full of gaming. His birthday happened to fall on a weekend full of soccer for Erica, but we knew that Zach would be terribly disappointed if his Big Sister wasn't there so we worked it out and everyone had a blast... Well almost everyone... D&B tends to give me one of those throbbing migraine headaches afterward... but thats life I suppose. :)
I had been working feverishly to get things done for my first craft fair which was last Saturday, the 4th. My dad's bday was on the 3rd and my parents came over for dinner and fun. We all had a really good time, actually. The next day I had my show. This is me and my show: Yeah!

My mom had these awesome candy jars on a rack in her basement and we painted the rack bright green... Each jar had a little "treat", one for gift tags, one for cupcake toppers, one for holiday tags, and one for my business cards... See:

These were a few of the hair bows all packaged up and ready to go:

I so love the little bees!

I also did these gient 6" clothespin photo holders:

Big view of the setup: (I had these all in order, but blogger hates me today):
You can see the bows on the far left, next to clothespins, candy jars in the middle, big clothespins, and then mini cards on the shelf...

These sold like free candy, set of 3 clothespin fridge magnets:

more big uns':

I really liked the way we displayed hair bows:

So the show went ok. There really wasn't a ton of attendance, but I did manage to make a few dollars, and everyone seemed to swoon over my stuff and the set up. It kinda gave me a big head... :)
The following day we got together with Jim's family to celebrate his mom's bday, (the end of March through early May is busy for bdays in our families). We all had a nice afternoon and it was fun gettting everyone together.
So, now, I am spending my free time uploading my items to my Etsy shop. I have the clothespins finished and plan on tackling the hair bows next. I miss creating for fun, but I hope to get back in the saddle soon! :)
Hoppy Easter everyone, the bunny is almost here!