Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Computer is doomed!

It happened just over a week ago... I was playing around online, browsing some blogs and what not... And the computer just shuts off... No beeping. No lights. NADA!! I tried everything, but I am not exactly a tech wiz or anything... So today I am coming to you from my parents living room... I don't know how long I will be without my precious computer, but with vacation coming up, funds are tight, so I may be without for some time. I just hope I don't lose my files... I know it's the worst mistake, but I have never backed up anything, so I have 4+ years of pictures hiding inside the silent back shell that once housed my gateway to the internet... THIS SUCKS! AAARrrrggghhhh!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

For those of you in the mood for a giggle...

...head over to the Cosmo Cricket blog and enjoy the rant about bathing suit buying. I was rolling laughing while I read this.

I recently tried to go shopping for a new suit, myself. Seeing as though, the one I currently sport has about had it, after 4 years of good continuous use. While pre-second-baby bikini's that I hold onto in the hopes of losing the extra 60 or o pounds of "baby weight" I have been carrying around for the past, oh, 3 years or so, sit neatly folded in a drawer, collecting dust...

C'est la vie! At least I'm happy right? :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crafty Storage Space...

I made this little card this morning. I had stamped and colored and stickled the image a few weeks ago and suddenly knew exactly what to with her! I only wish the picture had come out better, she really is a beauty. The sentiment reads: "Thank heaven for little ones!"

So I figured that today I would share with some pictures of my scrap area, though it is still a work in progress... It seems I have more stuff that just doesn't have a home yet.

The white cabinet was my mom's computer cabinet, but she upgraded to a laptop and didn't need this bulky piece of furniture taking up valuable space in her living room any longer, and so I got it for the best price ever... FREE!

On top of the cabinet is a shelf my mom and I painted blue for a craft show. On the top shelf is Christmas and Halloween themed scrap items... Everything from stamps to ribbon...

The middle shelf holds Disney themed scrap items, and other miscellany things that I have acquired but do not really use very often... A.K.A. the random scrap crap....

On the bottom shelf are ziploc bags that contain my flowers (I want to get jars, but keep putting it off...) And underneath that are three little sts of plastic drawers that are home to my buttons... Next to that is the bling bin, 'nuff said... :)

And now a peek into where the magic happens... I have mat stacks, an embellishment caddt and these adorable felt cupcakes that keep my stick pins tidy on the top shelf. Inside are my colored pencils, my MM Carousel holder thingie, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!, my adhesive container, and all the random crap I have been playing with... I am not exactly a neat person... I also make good use out of what once was the keyboard tray.

I especially wanted to show you how I store my brads. I found these little plastic containers at Target a while ago for super-cheap so I snapped up as many as I could. I also picked up ome super sticky velcro and put a strip on top of the lid of each container and then two strips underneath the top shelf in my cabinet. I t was super easy and totally cost-effective.

In the bottom of the cabinet, I keep my cuttlebug, paper punches, and crop-a-dile on one shelf, miscellaneous packaging crap on the bottom, and my stamps on the right. The clear stamps are organized in clear CD cases in the bin in front. A few of my Stampin Up sets are just lying on top there, because I haven't decided where to store them yet and behind all of that are two storage drawer thingies with all the other stamps. I have my ink caddy on top.

So here is a view of the cabinet and everything to the right of it.

First my ribbon storage. I took this wodden thing that I found in my mom's basement, which I also used for a craft show to hang hairbows, and made it work perfectly for neatly holding all of my ribbon spools. In the bin in front are all of my ribbon scraps in gallon bags, sorted by color. My plan for this area is to find a deep bookcase (for the right price of course), and put the ribbon holder on top of the bookcase and then inside the bookcase get some glass jars to hold the ribbon and maybe move the flowers down there too... we'll see... it's just what I've been thinking...

Next to that, I have one of those plastic storage shelf thingies, that used to be in the kids room to hold their board games and trains and such, until they some wicked cool upgrades from IKEA. I have all of my alphabets in the green thing on the top shelf, along with some unfinished frames, and another embellie caddy. The second shelf holds some notebooks and some fabrics. The bottom shelf has all of my acrylic paints, backup adhesives, my labelmaker, and more fabric. there is also a sewing basket in front of that that holds a ton of embroidery floss, some skeins of yarn and knitting needles out the yin yan (I plan on teaching myself this skill in the upcoming future)... I also have these cool adirondac chair picture frames that I got at a flea market for like 50 cents each, but I don't know what to do with them yet, and I have this awesome pink tulip hanging lamp... I'll take pics of it once I get it up...

And then on the wall adjacent to the store shelves, I have this little unit that holds empty containers, and naked clothespins and clipboards and such.. You know, the alterable junk... :)

Clear on the other side of the room... Is my neat and tidy computer workspace... which is neither neat nor tidy... Printer is on the left, Items listed for sale in my Etsy shop are in the bin there, and packaging supplies are on top in the empty wine box... I know it looks terriblke but its really efficient. Under the printer is a pleathera of magazines and how-to books... :)

And finally, in a little book shelf under the computer I hide my cricut and my cartridges... I need to find a better place for this, but space is limited right now....
Phew... and that is just how I roll! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

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I have just discovered that The Cuttlebug Spot is having a contest - "The Journey to 1,000"!

They are trying to reach 1,000 followers by the end of July and need your help. To enter all you have to do is go to their site, sign up as follower and complete a few easy steps and you could win a $1,000 gift certificate to Custom Crops (http://www.customcrops.com/)!

GO NOW!!!! and check it out at http://www.thecuttlebugspot.com/

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I wish I had more to share...

...the truth is, I am still unpacking. Since we spent most of the weekend here there and everywhere, I spent Monday doing all the things that didn't get done over the weekend, i.e. the laundry, the dishes, and picking up after all three kids.

So, now I am back to unpacking, but with the small people home 25/7 and litterally at each other's throats non-stop, it has been quite the challenge... Ughh...

Do you have the same problem with your little ones? I mean Zach is 6 and Allie is only 3 but every little tiny thing with them is a Battle Royale... WTF?!?!?! I spend 2/3 of the day trying to make them get along... It's exhausting!

Anywho, I have most of the craftyness unpacked, so I promise to deliver some eye candy soon!