Sunday, June 28, 2009

We have a Winner!!!

I wanted to post this yesterday... But you see this guy here:

well he kidnapped me:

and along with these three here:

Forced me into the car to drive down to here:

Basically the five of us ended up spending the majority of the day playing and relaxing on the beach in Cape May Point, NJ. It was a lot of fun!
But now onto the "COOL" stuff... I really enjoyed visiting everyone's blogs and reading all of your comments. I had no idea how big this would become!! :) So without further ado:
The winner of my scrumptious blog giveaway is....
True from True's Gifts from the Heart

Congratulations True. Please email me your address and I will be sure to get this in the mail quickly! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guess What...

****Blog Candy now closed! Today is the day!!! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and in a few hours, I will pick the WINNER!!!***
Stay Tuned!!!
...tomorrow is my birthday!!!! Yeah! HooraY!!!!

Those of you that know me, know that I act like a 6 yr old when it comes to birthdays... Yeah, it's bad... I started counting down the days to my birthday on Easter... I get really, really, really excited about birthdays... Maybe a little too excited... This year I am turning 27... My girlfriends have pointed out that this is a milestone birthday... I will no longer be in my mid-twenties... No-siree-bob... I will officially be "almost 30"... They say it with that ominous tone in their voice meant to terrify and warn of the danger of aging that lies upon the path ahead... But I'm not scared!

I LOVE my birthday! And so, in honor of my birthday, I thought it might be fun to offer up some blog candy...
***Note: this post will stay at the top until the drawing, please scroll down for more recent posts... Especially this post, please take the time to read it, and help out if you can!
Thanks!! :)

There is a ton of random stuff... Yeah, it's random... I buy too much... Sometimes I even accidentally buy multiples.. Oops...

But check out some of the highlights: some American Crafts flair, some Basic Grey rub ons, Mickey buttons...

...Stackable screw-on container of random brad assortment, little alpha stamps, totally random paper, sanding blocks, lotsa stickers, a few ribbons...

Junkitz alterable Decor board, (see this post and this post to see how I have used them) some number acrylic stamps, some thickers, tons of Pink Paislee glitter sticks, cotton candy Stickles, etc....

It's pretty yummy!

So now that I have you salivating and sitting at the edge of your seat, you are wondering, what do I have to do to win this dee-licious candy? Am I right?

Well... that is the easy part... All you have to do is comment this post, follow this blog and post a link on your blog! Simple right?

But what if I don't have a blog? What am I to do then? No worries, just post a comment and follow and you are good to go...

I will even ship overseas!

This candy will close on June 27th, when I will pick a random winner!

So, PLEASE... Join me in celebrating my birthday and spread the word and the yum-yums...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yeah! We Did It!

... We Moved... a whole 9 miles... from a BIG apartment in an blah small city, to a decidedly smaller apartment in a cute funky artsy small town... They say you sacrifice space for location... and they sure weren't kidding!!!

On the upside, I now have my very own washer and dryer... my laundromat days are over!!!

I just can't believe we actually did it... today... in torrential downpour... NOT FUN!!!

But I will tell you this, rain comeing at you in 10 different directions will certainly light a fire under your bum... in a good way of course... So now we all of our tiny rooms packed with boxes and furniture in no particular order (Allie hid my Sharpie when I was packing) and well, when it's raining and you're rushing, you tend to put things just about everywhere, just to get them in, QUICK! So far the only things I have managed to UN-pack are the TV (since the cable guy was coming this afternoon) and the computer and a few boxes of books and DVDs for the living room. In fact the whole living room is pretty much set-up(not a whole lot to it)... And the computer is good to go in the multi-purpose room, amid boxes upon boxes of everything else in the world... At the moment, you cannot even get into the kids room, so who knows what ended up in there...

Sadly, my craft desk did not take the trip very well... it snapped en-route, but Jim thinks he may be able to fix it... Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Anywho, I have lots to do before I sleep, though crafting will not be one of them... Booo-hooo!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm feeling pretty fabulous of late...

...wanna know why?

...well... since posting my candy, and thanks to all of you who have helped to spread the word... (By the way you ALL rock, and I have greatly enjoyed peeking at everyone's stuff and reading all the lovely comments)... anywho, I have received a flippin fantastic award!

Tracey of Tracey Feeger aka Booyagirl, Jan of Paper Craft Pleasures, and True of True's Gifts From The Heart have all bestowed this wonderful award upon my little blog:

Thank you ladies!

I am so happy...

It totally made my week...

maybe even my month... :)

And now the fun part... the rules:

* Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. (check...dually noted and accepted...)

* Pass the award to 6 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award. If you can’t pass it on to 6 just pass it on to as many or as few as you like! (ooo...the fun part, and I have so many new peeps to choose from!)

In no particular order and without further ado, I would like to pass on the loveliness to the following:

Thanks and Congrats!

Monday, June 15, 2009

So, today is my anniversary, and money's tight, but I wanted to do something special for Jimmy, so I made him a trio of photo holder that he can put in his "man cave".

Here is the "Big Poppa" Clothespin, it's about 9" tall:

And the photo frame (hold a 4x6" photo):

and finally the smaller of the clothespins, standing 6" tall:

No frilly ribbons for my man, he's a man's man... I also have some pics of him and the kids playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero, that I just haven't printed out yet, to put in the frames...
I think he's going to like them. :)
And just for kicks, I thought I might throw in a pic of my youngest this morning...

...she just doesn't understand that binoculars are supposed to make things bigger... not smaller... hehehehehe...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I had the flu...

... I thought flu season was over, but a horrible stomach bug caught me off guard and I was laid up for three days.... yes three... It was just awful, but I am feeling much better now, thankyouverymuch... :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Everyday Wishes

I went to Walmart this morning to pick up my pictures for week 1 layout for the scrapping contest I talked about in this post . They had a bin with books on sale up to 70% off so I browsed a bit... I have a deep affection for books of all types. I found this cute little wonder for only $2:

Little Book of Everyday Wishes. How cute is that? Today's wish:

"When things are a little dull, make a silly, funny wish to brighten up your day.

It's just adorable. I think I will try to post each day's wish from now on, as part of a regular post, that may encourage me to continue posting throughout the busy summer months.

Well, I have to run and get packing, we are moving in 2 short weeks.! Yikes!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I just couldn't help myself...

...I dreamt about this card in my sleep. I needed to make a card my little boy who's graduating Kindergarten in a couple weeks, and a design idea popped into my head while I was sleeping... It was robots, and I knew I had a little stash of Cogsmo hidden soewhere in the craft closet.

I also wasn't 100% thrilled with the first card I made for the showdown at 2 Sketches 4 You so I used the sketch to make the card.

This card is also a milestone... I used acrylic for the first time. Woo-hoo! I even cuttled it with the swiss dots folder.

I totally love this card... Even Mr. Sure-It-Looks-Great-I-Guess liked it! Woot!
And here it is (front of the card):
Inside right:

Inside right:

Close up of the cogs, you can't really tell but they are different heights... I used foam stickies...

See.. I cuttled acrylic! Also the circle paper is a design I did myself in Design Studio and then cut with the cricut!

I totally love it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Sketches 4 You Ultimate Card Showdown

...oh it is a biggie... I figured I'd thrown in my hand and join the competition...

First, the sketch (Laura's sketch #27):

drumroll please...

The Card:

a close up:

and a lil' bit closer:

I wasn't sure about it at first. but I like it! I used Me & My Big Ideas Fashion District line. The floral stripe is actually fussy cut from another sheet of paper, but I like the way it looked layered on the bold stripes. I cuttled and inked the blue rectangle and punch the butterfly out of the striped paper. You know me, it needed a little bling, so I used the tiny rhinestones on the butterfly, and then it needed a little sumthing extra, so I added the ribbon on the seam and the buttons... and VOILA! I really like it...

Working on a gift...'s my very first paper bag album...'s not quite finished yet, but so far, here is the front cover:

The first and second pages:

the third and fourth pages:

the fifth and sixth pages:

the seventh and eighth pages:

I have two more pages and the back cover to finish, but I really like the way it's coming along...
I used mostly basic grey's urban prairie line that I have been hoarding for quite some time now... And I added lots of bling... I really like bling... ALOT!!! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Photo Scavenger Hunt

Limelight Papercrafts is turning one... and having all sorts of fun games and prizes you can see here . Jennifer's game is a photo scavenger hunt for these three types of photos:

~A cat nap
~Something yummy

Basically you jusat have to make a post (or send an email) of your favorite photos or best interpretations of these three and then link it back to her post.

So, without further ado, my pics:

for a cat nap, here is my youngest taking a little snooze in the mega blocks containers:

for something yummy: here is my youngest again, when she was only about 18 months old, eating her favorite~ ice cream:

And for four: Here is Zachary, on his 4th birthday while we were in Disneyworld:

I encourage you all to enter too! Should be a fun contest!