Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been busy, I swear...

...I really do... It has been a busy birthday month and much more... I figured I'd take some down time as an opportunity to show you all some pica of what I have been working on... wanna see?

In no particular order, mostly because sometimes the picture uploader thingie just leaves me completely baffled, and also because sometimes I upload pics and hide them in folders, not so much on purpose, but more because I figure I'll remmeber where they are later, and never do...

Last week we took another trip to NYC, we took the ferry over to Ellis Island, which the kids thought was too awesome:

My mom's friend's daughter had a baby shower, and I made the invites:

My aunt came into town, so I made her magnetic goodies to take home with her:

And of course a giant clothespin to match:

My mom's (my kids call my parents, greyma and a-pop) birthday was this month, so I gave her this big altered chipboard photo frame, here's the front cover:

Here's the left interior:

And the right:

I also played with my camera a bit, especially when we had some freaky weather. These clouds came rolling in randomly one Saturday afternoon:

And on the first warm weekend, we took a day trip to the shore, (oh and by warm I mean it went from 30 degrees to 80 degrees in one week), here's the girls by the water:

I also snapped some pics of the shed in my parents yard. Something about the new spring green, the clear blue sky and the rustic, worn look of the shed just grabbed me:

It has been busy around here as we prepare for the end of the school year, moving, again... grrr..., my birthday and our anniversary... I ordered some new supplies to play with and am thinking about adding some new items to my Etsy shop, so stay tuned and I more to be more diligent in my posts... Cross my heart... (not my fingers)... :)

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