Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So I noticed something immediately after I posted...

...alot of the pictures I take of the kids are of their backs... I'm sneaky like that... j/k... I don't know what it is but when they know that their picture is being takenm, I get the goofiest faces, or half shots... But when I sneak up behind them to capture the moment, they look so calm and peaceful... Don't get me wrong, I look the big cheese smiles, and have buttloads of toothy grin pics, but the pics I gravitate toward, when I look at them on the commputer, after they have been uploaded, are those that show the kids just taking everything in... Like this one with Allie looking out the window on the ferry:

They did stop for a couple of face shots, I got creepy smile and apathetic look here:

And just plain, stop taking pictures mom!
So, there you have it...


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  2. Hi Michelle,
    You are so lucky this week! You also won the blog candy at my blog as well, the flip flop file. Please send me your email address @ Thanks, Susan