Monday, June 8, 2009

Everyday Wishes

I went to Walmart this morning to pick up my pictures for week 1 layout for the scrapping contest I talked about in this post . They had a bin with books on sale up to 70% off so I browsed a bit... I have a deep affection for books of all types. I found this cute little wonder for only $2:

Little Book of Everyday Wishes. How cute is that? Today's wish:

"When things are a little dull, make a silly, funny wish to brighten up your day.

It's just adorable. I think I will try to post each day's wish from now on, as part of a regular post, that may encourage me to continue posting throughout the busy summer months.

Well, I have to run and get packing, we are moving in 2 short weeks.! Yikes!

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  1. Love your everyday wishes book! It's a great idea. Thanks for hopping over to my blog and becoming a follower :)