Monday, June 15, 2009

So, today is my anniversary, and money's tight, but I wanted to do something special for Jimmy, so I made him a trio of photo holder that he can put in his "man cave".

Here is the "Big Poppa" Clothespin, it's about 9" tall:

And the photo frame (hold a 4x6" photo):

and finally the smaller of the clothespins, standing 6" tall:

No frilly ribbons for my man, he's a man's man... I also have some pics of him and the kids playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero, that I just haven't printed out yet, to put in the frames...
I think he's going to like them. :)
And just for kicks, I thought I might throw in a pic of my youngest this morning...

...she just doesn't understand that binoculars are supposed to make things bigger... not smaller... hehehehehe...


  1. *snicker* I had so much fun as a kid using binoculars the wrong way around... The things that amuse kids are so weird :D And are those clothespins awesome or what! Me likey!


  2. Pretty cool. I love them and your daughter looks very cute with the binoculars.

    I have a blog award for you - pop over to my blog to see.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    What a neat idea! I bet Jimmy is going to love them!
    I nominated you for a pretty blog award! You can check it out on my blog.