Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yeah! We Did It!

... We Moved... a whole 9 miles... from a BIG apartment in an blah small city, to a decidedly smaller apartment in a cute funky artsy small town... They say you sacrifice space for location... and they sure weren't kidding!!!

On the upside, I now have my very own washer and dryer... my laundromat days are over!!!

I just can't believe we actually did it... today... in torrential downpour... NOT FUN!!!

But I will tell you this, rain comeing at you in 10 different directions will certainly light a fire under your bum... in a good way of course... So now we all of our tiny rooms packed with boxes and furniture in no particular order (Allie hid my Sharpie when I was packing) and well, when it's raining and you're rushing, you tend to put things just about everywhere, just to get them in, QUICK! So far the only things I have managed to UN-pack are the TV (since the cable guy was coming this afternoon) and the computer and a few boxes of books and DVDs for the living room. In fact the whole living room is pretty much set-up(not a whole lot to it)... And the computer is good to go in the multi-purpose room, amid boxes upon boxes of everything else in the world... At the moment, you cannot even get into the kids room, so who knows what ended up in there...

Sadly, my craft desk did not take the trip very well... it snapped en-route, but Jim thinks he may be able to fix it... Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Anywho, I have lots to do before I sleep, though crafting will not be one of them... Booo-hooo!


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  1. Hey Girl - head on over to the blog for your birthday surprise!!! Can't wait to see you there