Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I wish I had more to share...

...the truth is, I am still unpacking. Since we spent most of the weekend here there and everywhere, I spent Monday doing all the things that didn't get done over the weekend, i.e. the laundry, the dishes, and picking up after all three kids.

So, now I am back to unpacking, but with the small people home 25/7 and litterally at each other's throats non-stop, it has been quite the challenge... Ughh...

Do you have the same problem with your little ones? I mean Zach is 6 and Allie is only 3 but every little tiny thing with them is a Battle Royale... WTF?!?!?! I spend 2/3 of the day trying to make them get along... It's exhausting!

Anywho, I have most of the craftyness unpacked, so I promise to deliver some eye candy soon!


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