Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy on this Snowy Friday...

So the next challenge I attempt, not only inspired a card, but it also inspired me to get into the kitchen and bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to go along with my morning coffee. Don't they look yummy... I am afraid Allie is going to try to eat them all before Zachie gets home from school. Anywho, this is what had inspired the cookies, and well, the card, too... From Stampin' with Leah's Monthly challenge #2:

And this is what I cam up with:

I knew I wanted to stick with a Christmas theme and challenge myself to use a non-traditional color scheme. I used some random paper scraps I had lying around and just sort of pieced them together for the shape of the card. Immediately I thought of fuzzy warm mittens. I cut out the shapes out of red cardstock and added the chocolate furry yarn for depth:

Then I rummaged through the buttons I had and tried to represent each color and also add some variety and interst to the card. I think they sort of represent faux photo corners:

Just thought I'd give a little update. I am in the groove again today, especially since it's Friday. I simply love Friday! :)


  1. MMMmmm the cookies look lovely. Great card too, I quite like trying things in non-traditional colours.... it adds to the adventure!!!!

    Liza x

  2. This is beautiful, Michelle!!!

  3. Fantastic card, thanks for playing.