Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Birthday Card for Sydney

This is the envelope for Sydeney's card I drew last night while watching the beginning of Season One of Sex and the City:

Jim & I have decided that instead of going with cable we would do the whole Netflix thing. So, we watched the Sopranos series from beginning to end and have begun Sex and the City to be completed with the movie that came out a little while ago. After Sex and the City we are undecuded as to whether to watch OZ or Entourage... Decisions, Decisions. You see, watching these series is almost like watching regular TV every night, so who needs cable, for now anyway...

Anywho, here is the birthday card I made for Sydney to go inside the lovely envelope:
And a close up of the fabric "Make A Wish" embellishment:

And the strawberry, since the party has a Strawberry Shortcake theme:

I made this card for the Paper Craft Planet Sketch Challenge SK111508 which you can find here: Notice the yellow cardstock with the yellow stamped polka dot circles and bronze stamped flowers. And of course, the glittery cardstock. Gotta have my sparkles!

I hope to work on a few more challenges I found online last night, today. Especially since Zachary has half days starting tomorrow aand running right through the day before Thanksgiving due to report card conferences. I can't lie I am so excited to go to his conference. He is always so enthusiastic about school, I am curious what his teacher has to say.

Well that is all for now. Perhaps I will have more "excitement" for you later! TTFN! (That's Ta Ta For Now) :)

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