Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sometimes playing with the blocks is hard work...

...and you just need a little nap:

Just another snowy Sunday here in South Jersey, I was playing on the computer, Jimmy and Zach jamming out on Rock Band and Allie was playing in the bedroom., or so I thought... I hadn't heard any noise coming from the kid's room so I figured it was time to investigate... When I stumbled upon Sleeping Beauty in the blocks containers:

It melts my heart how cute this kid is sometimes! :)


  1. How can lying on all those blocks be comfortable? She must have been really tired. I have a similar pic of my dd at the age of 2 fast asleep on top of her bed in a card board box that had some of her toys in it.

  2. oh bless her what a great piccie, sue.x

  3. That is just the best picture ever! Thank for sharing! Love, Clare x