Monday, December 15, 2008

I finally decorated my stupid tree!

So... my tree has been up for roughly two weeks now, with nothing to adorn its branches with the exception of the pretty multi colored lights it was pre lit with... Like this:

I just hadn't found the motivation to actually decoratye te silly thing. This past Saturday we went to the Christmas party thrown in neighborhood where I grew up and I suppose all of the ensuing merriment took hold and SundayI caved and threw it together with the kids... Here is a pic of the kids with Santa (notcie that no one is crying, in fact they are all smiling and it just turned out fantastic! Yay!):

And here is what we managed to do to the tree:

We dont usually do garland, we do tinsel, but I had bought this a the end of last year to decorate my desk at work... but since I quit working back in July, and this a faux tree, and picking tinsel off the tree seemed nightmarish at best, we used all three strands on the tree... The lids thought it looked awesome, and since they did most of the work, I left it as is. Afterall I'll have plenty of time to decorate a designer tree once the munchkins are grown...
Anywho, each year we make our own ornaments for the tree. This was the project last year, grown from pipe cleaners, boiling water, borax, and tons of patience:

And this year's simpler, less time consuming, but still too cute design:

Happy Holidays everyone... I'm off to finish up my cards and such... they need to go in the mail by Wednesday!

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  1. Your tree looks gorgeous and fab pic of your children.
    Emma x